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Simplify Series: Gifts and Sentimentals

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Disposing of gifts and sentimental items is hard!

Personally, I have trouble getting rid of gift trinkets. If theses items are stressing you out because they collect dust, you don’t know where to put them, they aren’t your style, or they are worn out, it’s time to give yourself permission to remove these items from your home. I’m sure the gift-giver would not want you to be stressing out over a gift! If you associate the item with a memory, but possessing the item gives you anxiety, take a picture of it and move on. Donation always feels good, otherwise, trash it! Drowning in cards or card boxes? Snap pictures of the cards, then create a cloud based album for yourself to reference. Next, give them a new life in the recycling bin.

Kids art projects and handmade gifts are another area that folks find difficult to manage. I suggest having a folder or box labeled for each child to deposit art projects and handmade gifts into. Once a year, go through the items and only save your favorites, snap pics of the items that don’t make the cut. You could go a step further and make a cloud based album for each child’s work. If that seems stressful, create an email account for your child and send them picture files of their artwork through time.

You don’t necessarily need to commit to ordering a dumpster, to tackle these projects, but it sure is motivating if you are ready to purge. We offer residential sized small dumpsters: 12, 15 and 20yd roll-offs. Our cheap dumpsters are perfect for your driveway, pocketbook, and disposal needs in Denver, Arvada, Westminster, Lakewood and beyond.

Start small. Start somewhere.





Simplify Series: Possess Less

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Declutter and Non-attachment

Is there a space in your house that gives you anxiety, overflowing with too many things that collect dust or require cleaning, do you lack enough space to store or display it all? Items come into our homes one bag at a time, but start to overwhelm our living space over the years. You can donate or purge these items one at a time, in bags, or by the dumpster load.

Don’t be possessed by your possessions.

I’m a big advocate for simplifying your life. Lately, I have been focusing on reducing clutter, and practicing non-attachment. Non-attachment is a buddhist principle wherein by letting go, you find freedom, peace and space. You practice by not letting your thoughts or possessions, possess you. This applies to both physical objects as well as your thoughts and expectations. Give it a google… it’s a principle worth exploring, but a topic beyond the scope of this dumpster rental blog. In this Simplify Series, we will explore a few methods to help you simplify and declutter your life, ways to cling less tightly, with non-attachment to physical items in your life. I hope you find this series helpful and it helps declutter your mind as well!

Before you make a new purchase, ask yourself some questions:

Why am I purchasing the item? Does it have a use? Do I need this or want this? Will it last or is this disposable? How often will I use this? Can I buy this secondhand or borrow this item? Was this item a valid use of resources or produced ethically? Do I have space for this? What else could I do with my money?

When going to a store that triggers your wants, write list of your needs. Stick to your list.

Sometimes walking away from a purchase gives you insight. If you can’t get an item off your mind, go back for it, but sometimes you simply forget about it!

When you bring something new into your home, purge something you no longer use. You may not need to rent a dumpster to accomplish these projects, but it sure is motivating! We offer roll-off dumpsters in 3 residential sizes: 12 cuyd, 15 cuyd and 20 cuyd dumpsters. Our small dumpsters are perfect for your declutter projects. Of course, we always advocate donating items that are still useful or can be repurposed.


Trash to Treasure

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It is inspiring to see how this community has created an orchestra from trash, and they sound absolutely amazing! I challenge you to find a new use from something  you may have otherwise thrown into the dumpster.

Landfill Harmonics