Things To Know


All waste shall be placed securely within the dumpster perimeter and profile, and will not extend beyond these confines nor produce litter which may project from waste container upon transport. In other words, waste must be contained within the dumpster and not extend above the top rim off the container.

Do not overload dumpster in volume or weight.

Distribute the weight of your load evenly in the dumpster. This is especially important for heavier loads (shingles, sod)!

The back gate on the dumpster must be secured in the locked/ closed position. Access to the dumpster shall remain unrestricted on scheduled pick-up date.

Please do not place light items that may ‘take flight’ on the top of your load, these include: loose boxes, loose floor sweepings, mattresses, & flywood…oops… plywood !

♦ Customer agrees upon placing waste in the dumpster, that Yellowbox Disposal reserves the right to refuse any load that contains prohibited items, is loaded beyond the confines of the dumpster rim, is overload by weight or volume♦


ABSOLUTELY NO …hazardous, toxic, liquid, or radioactive wastes or substances as defined by Federal, State, or Local laws or regulations nor any special wastes as defined by Yellowbox Disposal Co.

Special wastes, which we cannot accept, include but are not limited to:
tires, batteries, oil, oil drums, propane tanks, appliances with coolant, solvents, paint cans, liquid paint, toxic chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, household hazardous waste, loose packing materials (peanuts), dirt, concrete, rock/ brick, asbestos and waste capable of becoming litter upon transport.

♦Dirt, Concrete, Rock/ Brick, lathe plaster are accepted in limited quantities with WRITTEN PERMISSION ONLY. Please talk to a sales representative @ 720.493.5569 about the specifics of your project♦

♦There are $$$ consequences $$$ for failure to follow these guidelines and restrictions ♦