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Simplify Series: Gifts and Sentimentals

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Disposing of gifts and sentimental items is hard!

Personally, I have trouble getting rid of gift trinkets. If theses items are stressing you out because they collect dust, you don’t know where to put them, they aren’t your style, or they are worn out, it’s time to give yourself permission to remove these items from your home. I’m sure the gift-giver would not want you to be stressing out over a gift! If you associate the item with a memory, but possessing the item gives you anxiety, take a picture of it and move on. Donation always feels good, otherwise, trash it! Drowning in cards or card boxes? Snap pictures of the cards, then create a cloud based album for yourself to reference. Next, give them a new life in the recycling bin.

Kids art projects and handmade gifts are another area that folks find difficult to manage. I suggest having a folder or box labeled for each child to deposit art projects and handmade gifts into. Once a year, go through the items and only save your favorites, snap pics of the items that don’t make the cut. You could go a step further and make a cloud based album for each child’s work. If that seems stressful, create an email account for your child and send them picture files of their artwork through time.

You don’t necessarily need to commit to ordering a dumpster, to tackle these projects, but it sure is motivating if you are ready to purge. We offer residential sized small dumpsters: 12, 15 and 20yd roll-offs. Our cheap dumpsters are perfect for your driveway, pocketbook, and disposal needs in Denver, Arvada, Westminster, Lakewood and beyond.

Start small. Start somewhere.