$ Consequences $


There are financial and legal consequences when the guidelines and restrictions set forth by Yellowbox Disposal are not followed. All dumpster rental companies have similar consequences, we just like to be up front our customers so that there are no suprises!

Rarely do these circumstances arise, but we wanted to be upfront with our customers in the event that the do! Please call us at (720) 493 5569 if you have questions.

All dumpsters are delivered with a complete list of the Terms and Conditions of Service. This list is on the rear side of the invoice you  receive upon delivery of the dumpster. In accordance with your verbal order and/ or upon placing waste in the dumpster, the customer agrees to the Terms and Conditions of the Service Agreement and the following fines as a result of noncompliance.

♦Failure to provide access to park the dumpster on delivery date. $150

♦Failure to provide access to dumpster upon scheduled pick-up date. $150

♦Dumpster cancellation with less that 48 hrs. notice. $100

♦Loads which weigh more than the tonnage included in the rental agreement. $40/ ton plus any fines or fees if we get pulled over by law enforcement and your load exceeds 6 tons (4.5 tons for the 10yd. trailer).

♦Loads that must be handled or  ‘rearranged’ by the driver. $25.00 min.

♦Failure to close the rear gate. Ie. the load is ‘spewing out’ of the rear end of the dumpster and the driver is unable to properly secure the gate lock. Rescheduled pick-up + $150

♦Trailers rear-loaded with shingles (ie, weight of the shingle load is not ditributed evenly in the dumpster and resides mostly at the rear end of the dumpster.  Rescheduled pick-up + $150 (if the driver must fix the load because the dumpster is scheduled for another customer: $100 for the first 15 mins + $50/ 15 mins thereafter)

♦Gross negligence (overloading dumpster with concrete, dirt, brick rock, lathe plaster, shingles, prohibited items, or overfilling the dumpster by volume and the driver cannot resolve the issue safely). Driver will remove the dumpster less its contents and you will be charged the full rental rate.